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The Beit Chabad for Israeli Travellers in Melbourne was established (like each one of the thousands of Chabad Houses around the world) by the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Melech HaMoshiach, with the purpose of helping each and every Jew, with both their physical and spiritual needs without any self interest.

Through integrating the Beit Chabad into the local Jewish Community and forming strong ties with key people, there formed the possibility of fulfilling the intention and helping travellers, workers, students, immigrants, in a variety of areas such as: Visas, work placement, accommodation, classes, health services, useful information, government, lawyers, accountants, contacts within the local community including packages of discount coupons for local shops and businesses, which could be received from the Beit Chabad

In 2016 the Beit Chabad was relocated to its new and expanded site at 173 Balaclava Road. By Divine providence, on that very day, the first traveller arrived on a Working Holiday Visa, 1 of 1000 which the Australian Government issued to Israelis travelling to Australia and to the Beit Chabad to receive assistance with everything they need and specifically finding work in the Jewish community and outside of it.

 In the Beit Chabad there is a vibrant lounge room where you can have a coffee and a piece of cake, relax on the couches and enjoy free wifi, a computer and printer, a listening ear and a ping pong table. We have a variety of events taking place throughout the week, including weekly BBQ on Monday nights, fascinating and practical workshops on Wednesdays, etc.

The highlight of the week is the Friday night, Shabbos day and festival meals, complete with a warm and inviting atmosphere with a diverse mix of Israelis, local youth and other international, Jewish travellers.

You are always able to reach out to Rav Dudu and Sara Lider, as well as the shluchim, for anything you need, who would be delighted to help you.

The Beit Chabad is not funded by any organisation, and the financing of all its activities are from the generous donations of travellers and local members who value our services. We would happily accept any assistance and partnership to enable us to continue this very important operation.

Our Story

 The story of the Beit Chabad for Travellers in Melbourne is a bit strange

In Tammuz 5757 (August 1997), two young Israeli Chabad guys came to Melbourne on a special Shlichus (as emissaries) of the Rebbe.

In the process of completing their mission, while walking on the main road, Carlisle Street, they met five Israeli travellers. Upon concluding the meeting the first meal had been arranged at the new Beit Chabad, which had been located at the newly renovated hall of the local Chabad House, Ohel Devorah.

 The next week 20 travellers came to celebrate together and just one week later the number had already reached 100. Soon after the conditions were right for a Beit Chabad to be opened focused on the needs of the Israelis.

In 5764 (2004), Dudu, Sara and young Mendel, landed in Melbourne, emissaries of the Rebbe with a wonderful and miraculous story.

Through integrating the Beit Chabad in the local Jewish Community and through strong bonds with key members of the community, the capacity to assist the needs of the travellers grew, expanding into many more areas than in the past (health services, lodging, transport, government, etc)

 One year later it was clear the Beit Chabad needed to move to a new location to better cater for the needs of the travellers. And so it happened that the Beit Chabad relocated to Carlisle Street, in the heart of the Jewish Community in Melbourne.

After 15 years, in 2016, the Beit Chabad relocated to its new and improved location at 173 Balaclava Road.  By Divine providence, on that very day, the first traveller arrived on a Working Holiday Visa, 1 of 1000 visas which the Australian Government issued to Israelis travelling to Australia, increasing the number of travellers arriving in Australia and to the Beit Chabad.

In 2020, with the onset of Corona Virus and the return of most of the Israeli travellers to Israel, in addition to the broadening of services for the local community and joint efforts with other organisations, the new website of the Beit Chabad was launched, to increase our services for you when the borders will once again be opened.

After the hours of operation of the Chabad House

You can contact us in any matter Rabbi Dudu and his wife Sarah Lider will be happy to help


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